Sarasota Roof Cleaning video of our crew spraying from a high aerial man-lift

In this video you can see our roof cleaner spraying from a 45 foot articulating man-lift. The lift makes roof cleaning Sarasota large buildings like this one go as smoothly as it can. Our crew has utilized high aerial man-lifts like this one to clean residential tile roofs all the way up to 30 unit condo complex’s. Walk boards can be put in place to move the lift over grass.

Tile Roof Cleaning Sarasota with Man-Lift Video

This portion of the video displays us using the broadcast spraying tip, or 00. A tip like this is used when first spraying large portions at a time. We like to look for large mature stains all the way at the top and hit them first. These ‘hot spots’ are then frequently revisited as sometimes they take a few shots with a quick change of the tip.

sarasota roof cleaning video

Once the roof cleaner is done spraying with the 00, we remove the tip and put in a small fan tip. We usually like to spray with a 1525 or when working with tile roof cleaning strength mix we can spray with a 1515. In this case we used the 1525 for better saturation due to the restrictions with what we could spray.

We sprayed all of the bay-walk canopy and also painted it. This roof cleaning project took 5 days to complete from start to finish. We sprayed in between rainstorms, as you can see from the clouds in the roof cleaning video. The rain would pour and shine up portions of our work after spraying.




sarasota roof cleaning videosarasota roof cleaning video

This picture was obtained 20 floors up from a neighboring tower. Big thanks to the GC for showing me the roof and scaffold rigging. This purple building is located off of Sarasota Bay and can be seen at night under lights from the John Ringling Causeway.

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