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Are black algae streaks covering your home? Chances are if you have a tile or shingle roof and live in the Sarasota  area you will need to have the stains removed. We can bring that ‘pop’ back to your homes’ exterior and make it fresh and new with a professional roof cleaning.

There are many obstacles to overcome when cleaning a roof and we, at PEERLESS, believe, after cleaning thousands of properties, that your roof cleaning project is the most important one.

Your home, or property, has individual needs and a PEERLESS roof cleaner has the experience to recognize your homes’ needs and prepare accordingly.

Many Sarasota homes are built with a tile roofing system. Sarasota tile roof cleaning home.You do not want the roofing tiles broken or cracked every time they are serviced. Whether it is for a cleaning or some other form of maintenance or repair, you take a risk every time a technician walks on the tiles.

About our Tile Roof Cleaning Sarasota services.

The Peerless Punch chemical cleaning system uses a process that will dramatically reduce the amount of walking required upon the tiles. In fact, our goal with yourroof cleaning in Sarasota is to not have to walk on the roof at all. We will spray the stains with only roofing manufacturer approved cleaners and detergents that will lift, kill and remove the stains and last twice as long as pressure washing. We are a professional roof cleaning company that takes pride in being neat with our chemical application. Our company holds a painting contractors license, and is a Sarasota County approved vendor for the roof cleaning, painting and pressure washing of city buildings and monuments like the Van Wezel Sarasota Performing Arts Center pictured above.

Here you can see a Peerless roof cleaning in Sarasota spraying at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center from a man-lift. This was a really fun project and we were able to learn a lot about the history and inner workings of the building. This part of the roof is called the oyster shell and is just part of the many roof-tops included with this huge building. The high flat roofs, made with TPO roofing are accessed through a roof scuttle. The scuttle is accessed in the very top of the building above the stage area. Our roof cleaners would have to go up into the building and lower down ropes to bring up the roof cleaning equipment. Spraying from the lift was the fun part! Once the TPO is treated with the roof cleaning solution, it must be rinsed. So up came the pressure washers to rinse away the black roof algae stains the solution had lifted. TPO roofing is used with large flat structures or buildings. It is white and very smooth just like the bottom of a pool liner. If the correct roof cleaning solution is not used, the roof can fail and leak. The building engineer had our process and roof cleaning solution approved by the manufacturer of the Van Wezel’s roofing materials.

Some of the many benefits of our services are:

  • Our system uses soaps and detergents to remove the stains, so it will not lift, crack or break tiles like pressure washing can.
  • 20 Years of experience and custom made pumps, keep us off the tiles, which can break and be a costly repair.
  • Utilizes a special gel formula, Peerless Punch, which is custom-blended for your roof to kill algae and mold. It also sticks to tiles, leaving a residual algaecide for long-term protection.
  • Systematized application using experienced crew members to tarp and wash away run-off, protecting against damage to plants, windows and paint.
  • Always adheres to the guidelines and recommendations by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and meets the requirements of two major roofing manufacturers, Gaf and Monier Life Tile.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – If algae grows back in the year following our service, we will clean your roof again at no cost.

Sarasota Roof Cleaning Pictures:


Tile Roof Cleaning Sarasota


Tile Roof Cleaners Sarasota

Tile Roof Cleaners Sarasota


Soft Wash Tile Roof Cleaning Sarasota



In this set of roof cleaning pictures you can see a white tile roof that our crew cleaned. These are flat white cement tiles and as you can see this was a very challenging project. The homeowner thought a man-lift could be brought in to safely spray the roof. But there was no room for the lift to maneuver around the property and would be very limited. So we came up with a plan to get this roof cleaned safely using ladders. As you can see this was a very tall roof to spray and we needed everything in our tool box. The rear high portions were sprayed with a 36 foot extension ladder used by our roof cleaners. The front portions needed the large ladder also but most of the front we were able to get sprayed from a 28 foot extension ladder and a 12 foot step ladder. White tiles can be very tough to get bright white instantly and may require a good rinse from the rain.  It is important to note that rinsing the roof cleaning solution down off of the tiles while it is in a potent cleaning state could leave some algae behind. This roof was not completely black covered with roof algae so it was a manageable job.  Once you see roof algae forming, usually on the north side that is the time to hire Peerless roof cleaning Sarasota. This is the perfect time to kill the algae before it spreads over the entire roof requiring much more solution and more risk to the plants and grass.





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