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Are ugly black roof stains stealing curb appeal from your home? Call the pro’s at PEERLESS Roof Cleaning Sarasota to safely clean your shingle or tile roof the correct way with a non pressure detergent cleaning as gentle as rain.

The PEERLESS process will not harm your roof or break your tiles. Our process utilizes a manufacturers approved gel that is sprayed to your roof with minimal walking. This method is fully approved by roofing manufacturers and building contractors. Our solution was tested in a lab before we were contracted to clean the roof at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota.

The first step to a cleaner roof is to remove any debris or leaves. A PEERLESS roof cleaner will blow your entire surface free of debris and leaves before we spray our cleaning solutions.  This includes all gutters and downspouts.

In these roof cleaning pictures, you can see half of the dirty roof while it is being cleaned. This picture was taken during the cleaning and demonstrates our immediate results. As you can see, this roof was severely covered with black roof stains.

A PEERLESS roof cleaning Sarasota service comes with a full one year no mold warranty. Our company will re-spray the roof should algae return within one year of our service. Once the roof has had this major cleaning, you are eligible for a maintenance treatment within 6 months after your warranty expires. This will keep your roof beautiful and free of algae 100% of the time due to not requiring a major cleaning. A roof treatment is typically a third to half of the initial cleaning price due to the chemical and soap savings. Depending upon your properties environment, your roof should not require a major cleaning service for three years or more.

Why Choose Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota Service over our competitors?

Our service is utilized by Sarasota County to clean the roofs at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. This is a historic landmark in Sarasota and all contractors must adhere to a strict rule set.  Our owner, Tom Peerless is a licensed, bonded and insured painting contractor and has passed the state contractors exam. This means all of our legal documentation is up to date and stored with the county and state offices. To obtain a contractors license a back ground check is issued for the contractor, so you can be sure we have not been in trouble with the law as a license is not issued to convicted felons.

PEERLESS roof cleaning Sarasota has been providing professional services for over ten years. Our crew cleans over 1500 roofs per year and growing.  We are very experienced and professionals of our trade. Our crew members learn through a training system before being employed to clean your roof.

PEERLESS roof cleaners utilize the very best equipment and tools when working on your property. Our pumps are custom designed just for roof cleaning with a very large reach to keep us off of your roof as much as possible.

If the company you choose is not a state licensed contractor with a contractors number than you are rolling the dice. This means they have not passed a state competency test (which has a 80% fail rate), been back ground checked and does not have up to date legal documents registered with the county. Anyone can purchase a occupational license and clean roofs with minimal coverage and documents.

Please fill out our contact form to the right for a prompt quote.

Items to consider when filling out the contact form are:

  • Shingle or Tile Roof Cleaning
  • Age of roof
  • Mold and algae removal
  • Leaf and debris  removal
  • Gutters and downspout cleaning
  • Last time the roof was cleaned


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  • Dave Mac says:

    Very good information here!! So many people are using pressure to wash these types of roofs and are causing more damage then good. Its nice to see a true professional helping educate the public on the proper way to clean a roof. Nice to see a actual warranty offered by you guys thanks for the share and keep up the great work.

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