Punctual, Prompt, Professional Roof Cleaning Avila

This was a very large tile roof cleaning project in Avila. As you can see, the roof is very steep and covered with black algae.

Our crew started off with the cleaning of all of the gutters and downspouts. Some of the valleys had leaf debris in them, so we scooped it out and bagged it up. Once all of the tiles were clean and free of sediment we fired up our chemical pumps for cleaning.roof cleaning avila

We mixed up a fresh batch of the Peerless Punch roof cleaning solution and it was put to the test. This roof has not been cleaned in over 10 years. Many of the areas required a second and third application of cleaning solution.

Our crew took down sides at a time, watering and covering all of the plants around the home. This project was completed in one full day of work, although we were rehired for some painting and pressure washing work again by the homeowners.

Some of the walls of the exterior of the home had very bad holidays from the prior painters. They hired us to repaint and fix some of the work after they checked out our licensing and knew we are licensed Tampa painting contractors. Many of the walls had areas were the ladder was and the painters simply didn’t paint where the ladder was. This is tough to match after many years of the hot sun and weathering of the paint.

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For on time professional roof cleaning Tampa services, call PEERLESS and be sure your roof is cleaned correctly by a licensed-bonded contractor using professional tools and equipment. Not only does this mean we keep current legal documents with the county, we are back-ground checked and tested in our field.

The tiles on this home cleaned up great after our solution was applied.  We did have to rinse the surface down before any cleaners were applied, there were a lot of loose debris. This roof cleaning project in beautiful Avila Golf and Country came out great and will stay clean for a few years. Remember to have your roof tiles blown clean of debris from trees, as this will dramatically add to the life of the roof cleaning Avila.


Another benefit of using a pre-rinse is there will be a dramatic reduction of roof cleaning solution used. Simply using a 0060 orifice tip with a 5.5 gpm machine pulling from 12% aimed at the lips of the tiles will allow for a much deeper and longer lasting tile roof cleaning. Think about were all of the moisture accumulates with gravity and debris at the lip of the tiles holding moisture.  This is were you will usually find a thick layer or mat of debris.



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