When the time comes to clean your roof in Tampa, St. Petersburg or the surrounding area, hiring a professional roof cleaning service is the way to go. You could easily rent a high pressure washer from your local home improvement store, but that would end up costing you money and time in the long run. There are dozens of benefits to choosing professional roof cleaning, especially when Peerless Pressure Washing is doing the work.

Some of the reasons to choose our company include:
Home with Shingled Roof

  • Peerless uses non-pressure washers. High-pressure washers are unnecessary and can loosen, lift or break tiles and shingles.
  • Peerless employs a special pump with a 50-foot reach, enabling us to stay off the roof. This method is much safer, considering that a wet roof is slippery, and our pump can also save tiles, which can break when walked on.
  • The Peerless Process utilizes a special gel formula called Peerless Punch, which is custom-blended for the specific requirements of your roof and designed to kill algae and mold. It also sticks to tiles and shingles, leaving a residual algaecide for long-term protection. The pressure washer you would use if you did it yourself simply washes algae and mold off, rather than killing it from the root. It would also leave behind bits of mold and algae concealed beneath the tiles where it can cause the most damage when it inevitably grows back.
  • Our professional roof cleaning crews always station one member on the ground to monitor run-off, which guards against chemical damage to plants, windows and siding.
  • Our service comes with a one-year guarantee. If mold or algae grows back in the year following our service, we will clean your roof again for free. DIY pressure cleaning likely will not keep algae away in the humid Tampa climate, and you will have to go through the process multiple times.

Contact Peerless today for more information on our professional roof cleaning service available to homeowners in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Avila, Apollo Beach, Safety Harbor, Dunedin and beyond. We take commercial jobs all the way to Orlando and along the Interstate 4 corridor.

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