Tile roof cleaning Tampa for your home or business that is safe and effective

Your tile roof gets dirty too, and there is a correct and incorrect way to clean the tiles. This article will explain the pro’s and con’s with using different methods to clean the black roof stains from the tiles.

In this first picture you can see barrel roof tiles being sprayed with a proven and tested by manufacturers recommended solution. This method adheres to the manufacturers guidelines.tile roof cleaning tampa

The tile is sprayed with the solution from a high gallon per minute pump with the same pressure as a high flowing garden hose using tips to fan the stream as seen in the picture.  This application requires very minimal to no walking upon the roof tiles.

This is the step where most roofing contractors and cleaning contractors will agree that the most damage is done to the roof.   The walking of the technician back and forth wielding a heavy high pressure washer dragging heavy hoses with steel quick connects and couplings across shingles and tiles.

Using a pressure washer to blast the algae from the tiles is not recommended by Peerless Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa and here is why:

As a Tampa homeowner you want as little walking upon the tiles as possible to reduce the risk of cracking the tiles. A roof cleaner using a pressure washer will be required to blast every square inch of the roof, requiring the technician to walk upon every tile. Also, the high pressure washing system uses force to blast the roof stains from the tiles. This can chip, fade and weaken the tiles and mortar integrity causing premature replacement.peerless roof cleaning

Pressure washing only removes the visible portions of the algae and does not kill the spores that reinfect the tiles. Using the proper ratio’s of bleach with tsp ensures the algae is killed down to the root, including all of the spores that make more ugly black roof stains.

When properly applied, roof cleaning by chemical process reduces the amount of walking upon the tiles by 80%. Our pumps can safely spray an area the size of a large three car driveway. We can manipulate the streams to shoot precisely 40 feet up to high peak areas.Peerless-roof-cleaners

Using walk-boards or a man-lift is specifically recommended by your tile roofing manufacturer. This is recommended to reduce the amount of traffic over time on the tiles. Peerless Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa high performance pumps coupled with a man-lift clean the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center County Building pictured.

Hoses from a chemical system are agriculture grade cut in one length and are lightweight. This removes the bulky heavy quick connects attached to heavy pressure washing hoses. As the heavy pressure washing hose is drug across the tiles, the quick connects chip and get caught under the roofing tiles lip. This causes the tiles to be pulled out of place and eventually the tile will crack or chip.man-lift roof cleaning tampa

Surface cleaners or hydro-scrubbers are designed to be utilized with cleaning concrete. This tool resembles a floor buffer and has a spinning bar with high pressure tips angled under the broom. The spinning bar will inevitably hit the lips of the tiles as it is dragged across the roof. Never allow a tool designed to clean concrete to be used to clean your roof tiles.


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