House Painting Contractors in TampaChoosing the right house painting contractor can be a difficult decision; and, we hope you will find our quality surpasses our competitors.

The professional Painters are committed to providing top quality workmanship and customer service. We would like you to choose us as your next painting contractor as we strive to provide the best services available.

Peerless Pressure Washing is a licensed, bonded and insured (PA2902) Tampa painting contractor.  We provide free estimates for both residential and commercial painting projects.

Why Our House Painting Last Longer

The quality and duration of your homes next coating greatly relies upon how well the painting preparation is done. Utilizing our two-step chemical cleaning process you can be sure all mold and algae has been removed before your next exterior house painting project. When using either brush or spray applications to paint your home or office, we only use the best quality paints and sealers.

Tampa Painting Contractor Tips

The Peerless Process ensures the cleaning of surfaces to maximize material adhesion.

Prep work includes:

  • pressure washing
  • removal of old chipped paint,
  • caulk and seal,
  • application of two coats of material.

House Painting Contractors Checklist:

  • Clean and remove molds, dirt and old chalking paint
  • Bleach and TSP solution applied to prepare for painting
  • Pressure wash to remove old chipped paint and oxidation
  • Trench all exterior walls
  • Caulk all windows and cracks
  • Tape and cover all windows and areas not to be sprayed
  • Apply seal coat
  • Apply two coats of premium quality paint

Our interior house painting services come with color samples applied to your rooms, so you can see how lighting will affect color choices. Once you have selected your color choices for the rooms our crew will begin the necessary prep work.

All interior home painting begins with a thorough cleaning of the walls and drywall repair including small nail holes etc. A prime coat is then applied to block stains and promote proper color coverage. Once the primer has dried we apply two coats of top coat.

Interior Home Repaint Checklist:

  • Remove or cover furniture, place drop cloths
  • Fix all nail holes and drywall repair
  • Wash walls to remove stains
  • Prime and sand walls
  • Apply two coats of premium paint

Peerless professional house painters will make your home look clean and new. We always use drop cloths and cover all of your homes delicate areas. Your furniture will be removed from the room being painted, or we will cover with plastic and paper.

Your homes exterior surfaces that are not to be painted, such as windows, are covered with paper and adhered with painters tape. Once we are done, we can keep your homes new paint job looking crisp and new. Our professional staff has been working for over 10 years providing the best roof cleaning and house painting services available.

Peerless Painting serves New Tampa offices, communities and homeowners associations in the surrounding Metro areas. Our professional staff provides free estimates Monday – Saturday 8am -8pm Call (813) 230-5915 or fill out a Contact Form

Here are a few of the areas we are most likely working in now providing house painting services: