Professional House Painting Services

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. is a licensed PA2902 Hillsborough County Painting Contractor. We offer high detail service with full exterior cleaning and prep work before any painting.House Painting Contractors in Tampa

Our house painters will arrive to your home and prepare the surface for coating.

The first item on our list is to remove all old flaking or chipped paint. After pressure washing, we usually find a few areas to scrape.

Once the surface is clean and smooth, all cracks are filled with the proper caulking or sealant.The entire surface is now sprayed with a sealer to maximize topcoat adhesion.

Two coats of premium paint are applied, sprayed and back-rolled.

If the house is not prepared and painted in this manner, it is only temporary; Here’s why:

Achieving the longest lasting paint job starts with removing as much of the old failing paint from the surface and sHouse Painting Tampaealing the good paint. If any mold or algae is present this also must be removed. Pressure washing will remove the paint and debris, but it will not kill the mold spores. A bleaching solution containing TSP should be used to kill the molds.

Ever see bubbling paint? Peel the bubbled paint open and look at the back of the paint. It almost always will be wet and green. Bubbles are the sign of moisture and molds behind coatings. This comes from neglecting to use bleach in the cleaning prep work.

If the paint is chipping prematurely, then you will see a white chalk on the back of the chipped paint. This is oxidation, and is from improper or no pressure washing before painting.

Most of the hard work is done prior to any painting. This is why the cost of your house painting project can vary. A simple topcoat with a roller may get the look you want, but will it last?

Here are a few of the areas we are most likely working in now providing house painting services: