Big tile roof cleaning completed for a Tampa football player


This great tile roof cleaning picture displays the front of this home during a treatment. As you can see, we worked the tiles from the right side of the roof around.

There are many variables to choosing what side to start working from.

  • Wind direction
  • Plant placement
  • Hose obstacles
  • And most important, where the most severe algae is located, the first application must be at that point.

Can you walk on my tile roof cleaning project?

The answer is yes AND no if there is such an answer. There are many pro’s and con’s that must be taken into consideration before all tile roof cleanings. The age of the tiles can dictate whether the tiles can be walked or not. Old brittle tiles can not be walked upon. In this case, these tiles are 4.5 years old and are OK for minimal walking from a trained professional. This includes where to step on the tiles while utilizing the correct tools that maximize spray areas.

Our Tile roof cleaning pumps can spray down areas as large as three car driveways without taking a single step. The spray tech will approach the area to be treated from a ladder and correctly walk to the spray application area. From this point, the solution is strategically sprayed to ensure maximum coverage in a safe manner.

Always spraying from a ladder can lead to a disaster. This is a popular saying with our crew. Due to the large amount of chemicals used from a ladder, the over-spray can not be safely contained in some cases. Do not


settle for an inexperienced unlicensed entity to save a few bucks. This can lead to costly plant replacement and paint damage.

Before and After Tile Roof Cleaning Pictures from Peerless

In these pictures, you can see the rear of this home before and after our application of Peerless Punch.

These picture are from when we arrived to when we packed up and moved on to our next tile roof cleaning.

Same day instant results that last from Peerless Pressure Washing Inc.tile-roof-cleaning-after

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