Roof cleaning in Tampa is a competitive business, but not all companies are the same, and some can even damage your roof.


Roof Cleaning Tampa Before &After

That is why you should choose Peerless Pressure Washing as your roof cleaner.

We use the gentlest methods to ensure a longer life for your roof. We do not use rough, high-pressure sprayers or loads of harsh cleansers, and we rarely walk on the tiles the way another roof cleaner might.

Those methods can fade, weaken and break roof tiles and shingles, and even void your roof’s warranty. Pressure washing tile roofs specifically clay tile roofing, can permanently fade or strip the color from the clay.

Depending upon what kind of roof you may have and what obstacles, we will custom blend a soft wash roof cleaning solution specific to your properties needs. The solution is applied in a neat professional manner to avoid over-spray and run-off. The solution is best left to mother nature to rinse in the best circumstances, but in others a rinse may be needed to avoid plant damage. Peerless roof cleaners will always prepare and water your plants and grass before, during and after any roof cleaning solution is used.

The key to our success is a true understanding of what stains roofs: mold and algae.

Our method, the Peerless Process, completely kills the organisms that damage tiles and shingles, which can actually extend the life of your roof.

After assessing the extent of algae growth on your roof, we custom blend our special gel, Peerless Punch, for optimum treatment. We then use a pump with a 50-foot reach to apply it, meaning we rarely have to set foot on your roof’s delicate tiles or shingles.

Roof Cleaning Tampa Before and After

Roof Cleaning Tampa Before and After

We are also licensed painting contractors, meaning we have been tested, back-ground checked and keep all of our documents current with the county. As painting contractors in Tampa, we understand what soaps and detergents to use with the paints and coatings that have been applied to your home.

In addition, our gel is approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and meets the requirements of two major roofing manufacturers, Gaf and Monier, so your warranty will still be valid when we are done.

Reliable, Professional Non-Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning

At Peerless we understand that your property is a large investment, so we take good care of it when we clean your roof. Before we apply the roof cleaning solution we make sure to rinse the exterior windows and plants before, during and after the cleaning. Roof cleaning solution that is left behind by a sloppy roof cleaner can be very difficult to remove from windows and can even spot some paints.

While we are roof cleaning at your Tampa home or business, a Peerless roof cleaner continuously monitors and rinses any run-off to avoid damage to your landscaping, windows, and siding – a step that is usually skipped by other roof cleaners. During some projects we may use tarps or plastic to cover plants and in others we may choose a different method. Tarps can hold the gas that bleach emits and are not the best answer in all situations. A tarp, coupled with the hot humid Tampa area climate and plants can be scorched quickly. If we think your roof cleaning service will end up with plant damage we make sure to notify you during the estimate. There can be many factors that can contribute to plant damage.

Roof Cleaning Sarasota Van Wezel Before

Roof Cleaning Sarasota Van Wezel Before

Working from ladders – Peerless Pressure Washing Inc.  utilizes an array of ladders ranging from small four foot step ladders all the way up to sixteen foot step ladders. We have extension ladders all the way up to thirty six feet tall to reach three story homes. This can keep us off the your roof most of the time. Sometimes, a man-lift must be used to safely clean the roof. Usually, larger metal homes or buildings require a lift.

Our roof cleaners are not subcontractors, they are fully covered employees of Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. Our roof cleaning company is owner operated and a Valrico – Fishhawk area homeowner and has been working with the areas homeowners associations for years. We understand exactly what you need when you receive a algae discoloration removal letter. After we service your roof, we will provide you with a before and after roof cleaning picture and receipt you can attach to the violation letter and send back.

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. is the best choice when looking for a roof cleaning company. We have been cleaning roofs in the Valrico & Fishhawk areas for over 19 years. Our roof cleaners have tried every roof cleaning solution, application and pump combination and have honed the skills needed. Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with our customers. We are used by local roofing contractors, property managers and realtors.

Our commitment to you does not end after we pack up and head out.


Roof Cleaning Sarasota Van Wezel After

Roof Cleaning Sarasota Van Wezel After

The beautifully clean roof we leave behind has continued protection from the residual algaecide Peerless Punch supplies. This blocks any new growths on your Tampa roof. This will help protect the integrity and color of the roofing materials from the hot humid Tampa climate.

In fact, we are so confident in the effectiveness of our method that we offer a one-year guarantee.

If any molds or algae grow back in the year following our treatment, then we will come back and do it again — for free.

Peerless offers roof cleaning maintenance programs to keep your roof clean forever. We will get your property on a schedule to safely remove the leaves and debris and protect the roof from moisture accumulating. This dramatically helps keep your clean roof algae free longer. Trimming any trees back from your property also will aid in roof algae prevention and help keep your entire property mold free. Gutters will also be cleaned at this time. As you can imagine a clogged gutter will keep moisture close to the roofing materials.

Keeping your shingle or tile roof clean of algae on a schedule will also reduce the amount of soft wash roof cleaning solution we will use during your service. If you are just maintaining the cleanliness of your roof and not requiring a full roof cleaning the amount of solution needed will be reduced, resulting in less risk for you plant and grass.

We like to let our Roof Cleaning Pictures do the talking


They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so we like to place some examples of the different kinds of roof cleaning projects we can handle. From high detail single family homes, to multiple HOA units -  large commercial roof cleaning buildings we can get it done professionally and in a timely manner.

Here are some great pictures of some recent projects we have completed. The Purple cow was a large roof cleaning for the City of Sarasota. This was our second time cleaning all of the roofs and we also painted much of the building and sign. Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota offers HOA roof algae discoloration violation removal service.

In the next picture you can see a large condo roof cleaning in Westchase. Our professional service was hired to clean all of the roofs in the entire complex. The condo’s have cement barrel roof tiles and were covered with algae discoloration. Peerless Roof Cleaning has been serving Westchase residents for well over ten years. This project was located along the beautiful Westchase Golf and Country Club.

roof cleaning lakewood ranch

Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch for a HOA. The Peerless crew was awarded the contract to provide non pressure roof cleaning for all of the condominiums, including all of the driveways and sidewalks. This was a large project located in beautiful Lakewood Ranch FL consisting of 21 individual condos. The HOA insisted that we do not walk on the tiles under any circumstances. In the picture you can see the high reach man-lift we used to avoid walking on the tile.

Peerless Pressure provides Lakewood Ranch roof cleaning services for residential homes and commercial buildings.

roof cleaning lakewood ranch

Contact us today at 813-230-5915 to inquire about our Tampa roof cleaning or house painting services.