How do you clean a roof without damaging the shingles or tiles?


A manufacturers approved roof cleaning solution is used; bleach mixed with trisodium phosphate applied at low pressure from a walk board or ladder.


Facts about Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)

  • Household bleach is 5-6% SH
  • Swimming Pool Chlorine is 10.5%
  • Rapidly degrades when exposed to sunlight and wind
  • Largest used cleaning disinfectant in the world.
  • Your tap water is disinfected with Bleach

Why is using bleach the best choice for roof cleaning and exterior pressure washing?


Florida, especially the Greater Tampa Area have subtropical wet humid climates.  This climate provides the moisture and temperatures that algaes and molds prosper in.  Along with the organic materials used in the building materials that make up your home, provide food for the bacterias to grow.

Limestone is in your concrete driveway. Pressure washing driveways in Tampa are a very common service. The limestone in the concrete feeds the algae and when the rainy season comes the algae grows.  There is limestone in asphalt shingles as well as concrete tiles.


Using the force from a pressure washer will remove the bloom of the algae but will not kill it down to the root. This is a much more temporary solution to the dirty black streaks on your roof as it is not killing the organism. Plus the technician will have to walk all over the roof covering every square inch with pressure, breaking tiles and dragging heavy pressure washing hoses all over the roofing materials. If the heat and algae do not deteriorate your roof this definitely will year after year.


At PEERLESS Roof Cleaning Tampa we fully adhere to the roofing manufacturers guidelines and recommendations pertaining to roof cleaning.  A PEERLESS roof cleaner will always put the integrity of the shingle or tile first. Using the best pumps and equipment in the industry, we lead the way with minimal walking roof cleaning techniques.  This is not to say we will not get on your roof, but we will get on it less, and when we do we will do it in a professional manner.


All of our hoses are cut in one length, no heavy pressure washing hoses with quick connects tearing your shingles or getting caught under the overhang.  Our hose is AG chem hose that is lightweight and very flexible. Our trucks are equipped with large “A” frame ladders, a 24 foot extension ladder as well as a 34.  With our pumps capabilities of shooting a precise stream of PEERLESS PUNCH roof cleaning chemical safely as far as 40 feet, we can safely clean most roofs with very little walking.


What is sprayed on the roof will eventually make its way to the surrounding plants and vegetation.  This is where you must make sure the company you choose to utilize is experienced. Every PEERLESS roof cleaning service begins with a thorough inspection of all plants and vegetation in the over-spray areas.  If we believe a plant may not make it we will not spray before notifying the homeowner.  This almost always will be pointed out before during your roof cleaning estimate.


All exterior plants and vegetation will be:

  • Watered thoroughly before, during and after all chemical applications by a dedicated grounds man.
  • Tarps will be utilized if needed.
  • Downspouts will be redirected and or bagged
  • Exterior surfaces to be pre-wet and rinsed after application

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