Roof Cleaning Sarasota County

roof cleaning sarasotaSee how dull and dirty this roof looks? The stuff on your roof is actually a living and growing Cyanobacteria. Just like any other kind of pest, you must kill this algae down to the root.

Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota County knows how to rid your shingle or tile of this ugly pest safely. Our system utilizes tools to minimize walking on your shingles or tiles using a manufacturers approved cleaning solution.

This tile roofed home was recently purchased and the homeowner hired Peerless to clean and paint the entire home.


Same Day Results Plus a One Year Spot Free Warranty

roof cleaning sarasota flIf Peerless didn’t clean it, then you most likely will be tackling the same problem in six months. Here is why:

  • Peerless Punch High Performance Roof Cleaning Solution provides year round protection
  • Utilizes the best custom made pumps in the industry; we can spray as high as 40 feet so there are no areas we can not spray
  • Over ten years cleaning roofs in Sarasota County
  • Awarded contract to clean Sarasota’s Historic Van Wezel ‘Purple Cow’ Performing Arts Center Roof
  • Three man crews
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractor

What Makes Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota Better Than The Rest?

Our process, the Peerless Process is a highly refined roof cleaning system designed to achieve a 100% spore kill rate. This means there will be no pesky spores left on your roof when we leave. Our solution is emulsified making it thick. This allows our roof cleaners to spray the tiles thoroughly without the fear of the solution running down on to the plants and grass. More often than not, roof cleaners will utilize pure swimming pool chlorine to spray your roof. While this solution is effective, the solution is too ‘wet’, causing most of it to run down off the roof top on to the plants and grass.

Peerless Roof Cleaning is a licensed contractor, meaning we have been back-ground checked and tested in our field. There are no laws or licenses governing roof cleaning besides an occupational, so do not allow an unlicensed company to clean your roof.

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