Van Wezel Performing Arts Center Roof Cleaning Sarasota FL 34236

roof cleaning sarasota peerlesssarasota roof cleaning peerless

PEERLESS Roof Cleaning Utilizing a high aerial man-lift, soft sprayed a detergent that was approved by the roofing manufacturer to clean and restore the sea shell shaped Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing (TPO).

The 47,000 square foot TPO portion of the roof cleaning project is in the shape of a sea shell. The other portions of flat rolled commercial roofing is covering what is known as the “Purple Cow” towers. This portion of the project was completed in two days, and the after picture was before a strong Sarasota rainstorm. Come back to see the updated pictures of the roof after the rain, including the night picture of the roof with the roof lights shining bright.

Roof Cleaning Solution and High Arial Man-liftman-lift roof cleaning sarasota

The detergent utilized to get the roof so clean was approved by the manufacturer’s of the thermoplastic polyolefin material that was used to shape the sea shell.  All over-spray from the roof cleaning solution was protected by tape and plastic. Our crew utilized the many scuttles to tie-off to, but using a large articulating man-lift minimized about 80% of the walking upon the surface. We believe this is always the safest way to approach large commercial roof cleaning projects. This keeps the crew off of the roofing material, and makes the job much safer by reducing the use of ladders.

Professional Commercial Services

PEERLESS Commercial Roof Cleaning Sarasota County carries commercial contractor liability insurance, and proper documents with the county to clean and paint county buildings monuments and concrete. We use only professional grade materials, applied by manufacturer’s specifications, and always cover and protect over-spray. Our crew has also been hired to paint many portions of the building so over-spray was allowed in these areas.

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