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Cheval Roof Cleaning – Revive Your Tile Roof with Our No Pressure Soft Spray Roof Cleaning

Peerless Pressure Inc. has been roof cleaning Cheval homes and buildings for over ten years, here are pictures of our latest project. This roof was cleaned with a heavy TSP mixture to remove sediment and debris. roof-cleaning-cheval
Barrel tiled roofs can be tricky to clean, especially if there is a wind blowing. All of the angles of the tile must be sprayed equally to ensure a uniform cleaning. This home was sprayed from ‘A’ frame ladders except for a few small areas over the rear pool screen enclosure.

In this video, you can see our spray man applying the detergent to the roof top. The idea is to minimize the amount of walking and time spent up on the roof tiles. All of the tiles receive a generous application of the cleaning solution. The Peerless Punch roof cleaning solution not only kills the algae down to the root.

The solution will break down into a preventative, ensuring your roof stays clean as long a possible.

Our process also requires no pressure washing or water blasting. Never allow high pressure to be utilized to clean your roof tiles or shingles. This will weaken the tiles integrity and blast away heat absorbing granules from shingles. The roofing materials must be cleaned with a detergent specified by the manufacturer.

Peerless Roof Cleaning Cheval FL utilizes Peerless Punch cleaning solution that has been tested and approved by a major roofing manufacturer. Our company is licensed, insured and bonded. Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. is a licensed Hillsborough County Contractor #PA2902.

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Peerless Painters in Valrico FL 33596 Spray and Back Roll Heavy Textured Exterior Homepainters-valrico-fl

This house exterior painting was completed last week 11-10-2013 by our professional crew. This home received 10 gallons of Sherwin Williams Loxon Sealer and 35 gallons of Superpaint.

Your Home Will Be Cleaned, Sealed and Painted

The home was cleaned and prepared for painting. All of the windows and hardware were taped. In the second picture you can see the exterior sprayed with Loxon

The texture on the home was very deep and required a 1.5 nap back roll. Our crew ate up the roller naps like they were going out of style with this texture. We sprayed the exterior non stop after prep for three days straight it seemed.

Here is a video of our house painters spraying the exterior garage door of this home.

 Professional House Painting in Valrico FL


This house exterior painting was completed in 5 days by our crew. house-painters-texture-valrico

  • Painting Prep Includes Bleach Cleaning
  • All Surfaces Caulked & Sealed with Premium Sealant
  • Exterior Painting Sprayed & Back Rolled
  • Cover All Windows, Hardware & Plants

In this set of pictures you can see the rear portion of the exterior of this house painting Valrico project. The area was covered in paper, plastic and tarps before painting. The ceiling was painted flat white.

valrico-house-paintingThe back pool deck portion of this home received 2 gallons of sealer and 7 gallons of paint.

Peerless House Painting LIC#PA2902 has been providing the Valrico, Bloomingdale areas with high detail painting services for ten years. All of our house exterior painting projects come with a complete bleach cleaning prior to painting.

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Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms with Zero Walking Upon Tiles

Video of the PEERLESS roof cleaning crew cleaning a large tile roofed home located in Tampa Palms 33647 completed 11-15-2013. This large cement tiled roof brick home had sever roof algae growth on the rear and front portion of the home. Our crew was called to provide service without breaking tiles.

This entire roof was done from a ladder. Our custom made hi-performance pumps enable us to stay off of your roof and reduce the need for a man-lift saving you money. The PEERLESS Punch roof cleaning solution has been proven in the field on thousands of roofs and even tested in a lab by a major roofing material manufacturer.


If you are looking for professional roof cleaning Tampa Palms by a licensed Tampa Contractor call us for a free estimate

  • Approved roof cleaning solution by major manufacturers
  • No walking on delicate tiles
  • Owner is background checked licensed Tampa Contractor LIC # PA2902

Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms FL 33647

Tile roof cleaning of a large brick home with moderate roof algae growth. The Peerless crew was hard at work finishing up this roof cleaning tampa palmslarge home in Tampa Palms this week. These tiles were very steep and required a complete blow off before the cleaning process. The tiles must have all sediment removed to clear the path for the solution.

Preparing the Roof For Treatment

Did you lose a lot of plants from your last service? All the watering and tarps in the world won’t save your plants if this step is skipped.

Peerless roof cleaners will blow the gutters and valley portions first to remove leaves and built up sediment. Once the large debris items are removed we spray our pretreatment mix of soaps to loosen the sediment built up on the lips of the tiles. This important step clears the path for the cleaning solution to get down to the root of the algae. If the built up sediment is left for the cleaner to remove, the tile will require too much of the solution adding unnecessary risk to plants. The key of this step is to minimize the amount of cleaning solution. Look at the bottom lip of the tiles and you will notice this built up muddy sediment.

Applying the Tile Roof Cleaning Solution

Once your tiles are free of sediment, only then are they ready for the cleaning solution. Peerless roof cleaning Tampa Palms utilizestile roof cleaning tampa palms an enhanced version of the tile roofing manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution. We simply add a non-toxic soap to the mix to make the solution stick to the tiles like honey. This solution has been tested and approved by roofing manufacturers including the manufacturer of the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center for roof cleaning. The solution is applied in a minimal walking method. Man-lifts are often used but are not always necessary. The Peerless Punch tile roof cleaning solution is applied with no more pressure than a soft rain.

Over Spray Containment and Plant Protection

Lets face it, no matter how good your roof looks if all your plants die what good does that do for your curb appeal or your wallet? Peerless Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms will analyze your property and layout, and provide you with a detailed plant protection plan for your project. We will walk the property with you and through cleaning thousands upon thousands or roofs over ten years, we can determine what plants are at risk. Our roof cleaners will take every precaution to prepare and protect your landscaping from using tarps, to redirecting your gutter downspouts.tampa palms roof cleaners

Once We’re Finished Your Roof Keeps Cleaning

The beautiful roof we leave behind has continues protection from the residual protection Peerless Punch provides. This will prevent any new growth on your Tampa Palms roof. Peerless roof cleaning is so confident in the effectiveness of our method we will provide you with a one year no mold warranty. If any roof algae comes back within 1 year of service we will come back out and treat it again for free.



House Painting Brandon FL Interior Project

Interior house painting in Brandon FL 33511 completed the week of 10-10-2013. This home had all of the ceilings, walls, trim and doors painted with Sherwin Williams

Baseboard and Trim Painting

The first area of the home to be painted was the baseboards and trim work. Many areas of the baseboards required sanding and caulking on this project. If the prep work is not done. the baseboards will not look seamless and clean when painted. You will notice nail holes and all of the joints.

Once we had the trim work done, our painters moved out to the garage where all of the doors are waiting to be painted. Our Brandon house painters remove all of the door hardware prior to spraying. Two coats of premium quality semi-gloss bring the doors back to a nice clean shine.

Ceiling Paintinghouse-painters-brandon

This home required the ceilings to be painted. All areas of the house must be prepared for the over spray and silica dust. Our Brandon house painters cover the entire room with paper and plastic. All of the trim work that was sprayed is covered with one inch tape and paper. All of the ceilings are sprayed at the same time, including the garage and the closets.

Interior Wall Painting

The interior walls are last to receive coating. The top cut in line along the ceiling is cut and then rolled down with a four inch roller. Finally the walls are rolled and all tape and paper is pulled when the paint is wet. This ensures clean razor sharp lines along the trim work and ceiling areas.

This entire house painting Brandon project took our crew three days to complete. All color codes including touch up paints are left with the homeowners.painters-brandon-fl-house Contact Peerless for a free house painting estimate today.

Roof cleaning Valrico FL video

Recent video taken of a Peerless roof cleaner applying Peerless Punch cleaning solution. Notice the minimal run-off with the adhesion of this solution.

This roof cleaning project was located on the Alafia River 33596.

Peerless Roof Cleaners Valrico FL

  • No Pressure No Damage
  • Safe for shingle and tile roofs
  • Requires minimal to zero walking upon the roof surface
  • On time licensed contractor – bonded & insured
  • 1 year no mold warranty

House Painting Valrico – Professional and Courteous Painters

Peerless house painters in Valrico FL completed this entire project this week. The home was to be completely repainted from top to bottom. Our washing crew started with the exterior while our interior painting crew was busy preparing all of the walls and ceilings for coating.

The scope of the project:house painting valrico

  • Exterior House repaint
  • Interior repainting of ceilings, walls, doors and trim
  • Garage floor epoxy coating

Spraying The House Exterior with Premium Paints

Once the exterior surface is free of molds and dirt we caulk any cracks and apply our sealer. The sealer we use dries very quickly and provides a prepared surface for the paint to bond with. Our crew utilizes airless paint sprayers to apply the paint, while a crewman back-rolls the paint. This insures that the paint is spread evenly and coats the texture properly.

The trim work is primed and then rolled with a peanut roller. The front door is removed and all hardware is taped up for painting. Two light coats are sprayed in a cross-hatching pattern.

Interior House Painting Valrico

Interior house painting always starts with preparing the room. This means all furniture ahouse-painters-valricond belongings are moved and or covered with tape and plastic. Once the rooms are prepared and completely covered with drop cloths we start the wall prep.

Your walls will be wiped down and all nail holes and imperfections repaired. Once the patch work is complete, a dedicated primer is applied to the walls and ceiling. All trim work and baseboards, doors and closets are sprayed first with an airless paint sprayer.

Our crew will then spray your ceilings and closets including the garage walls. The final step with our interior house painting process is to either spray or roll your interior walls with premium paint.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Last portion of the Peerless house painting Valrico process is to epoxy coat the garage house-painting-valricofloor. The floor must be prepared correctly for this coating to perform properly. An acid etching process us utilized to remove dirt and grime. This will also open up the concrete for the epoxy to bond.

Two coats rolled in a cross hatching application will ensure total coverage.

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Tile Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch Legacy Golf Club

This home was located in the Legacy Club of Lakewood Ranch. Roof Cleaning and the entire home was soft sprayed and rinsed by our crew. The before and after pictures of the roof cleaning project came out great.roof cleaning lakewood ranch

These are cement roofing tiles and they cleaned up great with our solution after the roof has been blown off. Removing the bio-film of sediment is a very important step when roof cleaning. This clears the path for the solution to work freely against the algae. If the tiles have a film of sediment, the solution will have to battle its way through to the algae. This can weaken the solution and allow algae spores to live.

roof cleaners lakewood ranchThis entire roof was sprayed from ladders removing the risk of expensive leaks.

All of the plants and grass are watered before, during and after all solution applications. If the plant requires the use of tarps or plastic, we will provide the proper tarps and push rods to prevent any damage to your landscaping.

All roof cleaning Lakewood Ranch services by Peerless come with a one year no algae return warranty. You can be sure that all of the ugly black roof stains are gone after Peerless Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch.

Our professional services have been used by Lakewood Ranch residents for over ten years. Peerless roof cleaners have cleaned entire communities with up to 60 buildings in the immediate area. Call today or fill out a contact form for a free estimate.





House Painting Tampa Home Inside and Outhouse-painting-tampa (2)

This house located in south Tampa received a total paint job inside and out. The exterior house was painted first while some other tradesman worked inside. PEERLESS Painters sprayed the ceilings, walls and all doors and trim.

The interior portion of this house painting project included some minor drywall repair and texture application. When a Peerless Painter is filling in small nail holes and imperfection in your drywall our process includes.

  • Even hole out and remove nail or screw
  • Fill with Spackle
  • Sand Dry Spackle
  • Apply Texture
  • Rough Sand Texture
  • Prime Areahouse painting tampa

Our Tampa house painters have found that when taking the time to fill holes and imperfections correctly, your wall will come out smooth and clean after painting. Some of the areas in the kitchen received knock down texture. This area was primed and then painted with two coats.

The office color was a rich canterbury red with white semi-gloss. All of the doors and trim work was sprayed, the walls were rolled including the ceiling to avoid over spray particles.

The main living room was a sage green with semi-gloss. This picture displays the room after we had removed all of our plastic and drop painting tampa

The last portion of this house painting Tampa project is to stain the garage floor. When using a xylene garage floor stain, you must always first acid etch the concrete. We used a muriatic solution first followed with caustic soda beads rinse. The coating is then applied in a cross hatching application after drying. It is important to note that soft high performance tires will leave marking on the stain if not allowed to cool off.

Peerless house painting Tampa provides prompt on time house painting for the entire metro areas. Inside or out you can count on the pro’s at Peerless to perform the proper prep work and use quality materials.

Call us or fill out a contact form more information.tampa-house-painters

Sarasota Roof Cleaning video of our crew spraying from a high aerial man-lift

In this video you can see our roof cleaner spraying from a 45 foot articulating man-lift. The lift makes roof cleaning Sarasota large buildings like this one go as smoothly as it can. Our crew has utilized high aerial man-lifts like this one to clean residential tile roofs all the way up to 30 unit condo complex’s.

Tile Roof Cleaning Sarasota with Man-Lift Video

This portion of the video displays us using the broadcast spraying tip, or 00. A tip like this is used when first spraying large portions at a time. We like to look for large mature stains all the way at the top and hit them first. These ‘hot spots’ are then frequently revisited as sometimes they take a few shots with a quick change of the tip.

sarasota roof cleaning video

Once the roof cleaner is done spraying with the 00, we remove the tip and put in a small fan tip. We usually like to spray with a 1525 or when working with tile roof cleaning strength mix we can spray with a 1515. In this case we used the 1525 for better saturation due to the restrictions with what we could spray.

We sprayed all of the bay-walk canopy and also painted it. This roof cleaning project took 5 days to complete from start to finish. We sprayed in between rainstorms, as you can see from the clouds in the roof cleaning video. The rain would pour and shine up portions of our work after spraying.




sarasota roof cleaning videosarasota roof cleaning video

This picture was obtained 20 floors up from a neighboring tower. Big thanks to the GC for showing me the roof and scaffold rigging. This purple building is located off of Sarasota Bay and can be seen at night under lights from the John Ringling Causeway.