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Professional roof cleaning Sarasota County FLroof cleaning sarasota

Are ugly black roof stains stealing curb appeal from your home? Call the pro’s at PEERLESS Roof Cleaning Sarasota to safely clean your shingle or tile roof the correct way with a non pressure detergent cleaning as gentle as rain.

The PEERLESS process will not harm your roof or break your tiles. Our process utilizes a manufacturers approved gel that is sprayed to your roof with minimal walking. This method is fully approved by roofing manufacturers and building contractors. Our solution was tested in a lab before we were contracted to clean the roof at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota.

The first step to a cleaner roof is to remove any debris or leaves. A PEERLESS roof cleaner will blow your entire surface free of debris and leaves before we spray our cleaning solutions.  This includes all gutters and downspouts.

In these roof cleaning pictures, you can see half of the dirty roof while it is being cleaned. This picture was taken during the cleaning and demonstrates our immediate results. As you can see, this roof was severely covered with black roof stains.

A PEERLESS roof cleaning Sarasota service comes with a full one year no mold warranty. Our company will re-spray the roof should algae return within one year of our service. Once the roof has had this major cleaning, you are eligible for a maintenance treatment within 6 months after your warranty expires. This will keep your roof beautiful and free of algae 100% of the time due to not requiring a major cleaning. A roof treatment is typically a third to half of the initial cleaning price due to the chemical and soap savings. Depending upon your properties environment, your roof should not require a major cleaning service for three years or more.

Why Choose Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota Service over our competitors?

Our service is utilized by Sarasota County to clean the roofs at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. This is a historic landmark in Sarasota and all contractors must adhere to a strict rule set.  Our owner, Tom Peerless is a licensed, bonded and insured painting contractor and has passed the state contractors exam. This means all of our legal documentation is up to date and stored with the county and state offices. To obtain a contractors license a back ground check is issued for the contractor, so you can be sure we have not been in trouble with the law as a license is not issued to convicted felons.

PEERLESS roof cleaning Sarasota has been providing professional services for over ten years. Our crew cleans over 1500 roofs per year and growing.  We are very experienced and professionals of our trade. Our crew members learn through a training system before being employed to clean your roof.

PEERLESS roof cleaners utilize the very best equipment and tools when working on your property. Our pumps are custom designed just for roof cleaning with a very large reach to keep us off of your roof as much as possible.

If the company you choose is not a state licensed contractor with a contractors number than you are rolling the dice. This means they have not passed a state competency test (which has a 80% fail rate), been back ground checked and does not have up to date legal documents registered with the county. Anyone can purchase a occupational license and clean roofs with minimal coverage and documents.

Please fill out our contact form to the right for a prompt quote.

Items to consider when filling out the contact form are:

  • Shingle or Tile Roof Cleaning
  • Age of roof
  • Mold and algae removal
  • Leaf and debris  removal
  • Gutters and downspout cleaning
  • Last time the roof was cleaned


Metal Roof Painting Project in Tampa

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. provides metal roof painting. In these painting pictures you can see the project from start roof-painting-tampato finish. This first picture displays half of the roof after cleaning without prime coat. The other side you can see where our professional painters have applied Pro Cryl Industrial Primer by Sherwin Williams.

This is the best primer for this application. The primer will prevent rust from forming under the top coat. In addition to preventing rust, the primer will provide better adhesion or grip for the top coat.


Roof Painting for the Tampa Bay Areas

Always make sure before any painting project, proper prep work is completed. The roof must be free of all molds and debris. Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. has been cleaning roofs for over ten years servicing thousands of homes and commercial building throughout the metro areas. roof-painters-tampa

The Peerless Process for roof painting is a two-step system. First a chemical application is sprayed to the surface to kill algae and molds. This solution may or may not be rinsed for 24 hours depending upon the severity of algae present. Once a 100% spore kill rate is achieved, we turn our professional grade pressure washing system to the roof. The surface must now be rinsed and in some cases high pressure washed to remove debris and oxidation.


After the surface has been cleaned and primed, only then will we proceed with applying the topcoat. This projectroof-painting-contractor-tampa received a Sher-Cryl High Performance Acrylic from Sherwin Williams. This coating is designed to be used with metal surfaces. The top-coat is applied with a airless sprayer and in some areas must be back-rolled to avoid lap marking.

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. is a licensed and bonded painting contractor located in Tampa Bay Florida

Big tile roof cleaning completed for a Tampa football player


This great tile roof cleaning picture displays the front of this home during a treatment. As you can see, we worked the tiles from the right side of the roof around.

There are many variables to choosing what side to start working from.

  • Wind direction
  • Plant placement
  • Hose obstacles
  • And most important, where the most severe algae is located, the first application must be at that point.

Can you walk on my tile roof cleaning project?

The answer is yes AND no if there is such an answer. There are many pro’s and con’s that must be taken into consideration before all tile roof cleanings. The age of the tiles can dictate whether the tiles can be walked or not. Old brittle tiles can not be walked upon. In this case, these tiles are 4.5 years old and are OK for minimal walking from a trained professional. This includes where to step on the tiles while utilizing the correct tools that maximize spray areas.

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. Utilizes pumps that can spray down areas as large as three car driveways without taking a single step. The spray tech will approach the area to be treated from a ladder and correctly walk to the spray application area. From this point, the solution is strategically sprayed to ensure maximum coverage in a safe manner.

Always spraying from a ladder can lead to a disaster. This is a popular saying with our crew. Due to the large amount of chemicals used from a ladder, the over-spray can not be safely contained in some cases. Do not


settle for an inexperienced unlicensed entity to save a few bucks. This can lead to costly plant replacement and paint damage.

Before and After Tile Roof Cleaning Pictures from Peerless

In these pictures, you can see the rear of this home before and after our application of Peerless Punch.

These picture are from when we arrived to when we packed up and moved on to our next tile roof cleaning.

Same day instant results that last from Peerless Pressure Washing Inc.tile-roof-cleaning-after

Homeowners Association Roof Cleaning in Tampa FL

This is a shingle roof cleaning project that our crew recently completed right here in New Tampa. This community

roof cleaningconsisted of 32 buildings that we provided treatment to all of the shingle roofs.

These shingles have never been cleaned before and as you can see they cleaned up great. Many of the buildings were located close to each other that allowed us to quickly move from roof to roof.

All of the plants and grass had a dedicated ground-man watering and monitoring over-spray. This is a very important step during roof cleaning multiple units as you can make a big costly mistake very quickly.

Providing Professional Shingle Roof Cleaning Throughout all of the Tampa Bay Areas

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. guarantees all plants and vegetation during our large shingle roof cleaning projects like this one. What good are clean roofs if all of the plants are damaged? Not one plant was damaged or lost during this project.

roof cleaning

In this picture you can see how bright the shingles cleaned up.  The Peerless Punch solution safely utilizes TSP. This keeps your roof bright and clean. All of our shingle roof cleanings come with a spot free warranty.

Commercial Shingle Roof Cleaning Checklist

  • Hire only licensed contractors with Lic# issued from the county
  • Make sure there is a dedicated ground-man monitoring over-spray
  • No high pressure washing
  • Make sure solution is approved by asphalt shingle manufacturer
  • No subcontractors

Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. Provides services throughout the Tampa Metro Areas all the down to Sarasota. We are licensed painting contractors providing total exterior & interior services. Our professional crew has been providing shingle roof cleaning for over ten years.

Metal Roof Cleaning – How to Prepare for Coating

This Tampa roof cleaning project is of flat steel roofing material being prepared for coating. The steel was cleaned with a bleach application and pressure washing. This was in preparation for Pro-Cryl Industrial Primer, followed with Sher-Cryl High Performance Acrylic Coating. The goal of this roof cleaning was to remove all oxidation and mildew.roof-cleaning-tampa

Applying The Bleaching Solution to the Roof to Kill Molds & Mildew

The steel did not have a lot of mold and mildew but using a light bleaching solution is always good measure just in case. Our roof cleaners ran a 1% bleach solution coupled with TSP to help loosen oxidation via our downstream injection system. The entire roof was rinsed down with this solution.

Pressure Wash the Roof to Remove Oxidationtampa roof cleaning

Ever notice when you rub your hand across an old painted exterior surface you sometimes find a chalky residue? This is the coating oxidizing from the sun. This chalk must be removed to ensure the coating properly adheres to the steel. The TSP in our roof cleaning solution coupled with pressure washing the surface will ensure all chalk is removed. This roof was pressure washed from a man lift to ensure all areas were cleaned safely.  2555, 2509 spray tips attached to a 12 foot aluminum lance were used to remove the years of grime.

Roof Cleaning Tampa with High Aerial Man-Lifts

Our roof cleaners like to use articulating man-lifts on tough projects like this one. Metal roofs can become very slick and tough to safely work on when wet, even when tied down. We often utilize man-lifts to safely clean roofs and are very experienced using the equipment.  With this project we used a 60 foot articulating lift to be able to clean and coat all areas of the roof.

Walk boards are used under the 24,000 pound lift to minimize damage to the grass.

Prepare the Roof for Coatingroof cleaning tampa fl

Once our roof cleaning crew was done washing down the steel roof we prepared for coating. All of the skylights were covered with paper and tape along with over spray areas. Some spots on the steel required a quick scrub with a steel brush before priming. The industrial primer spec’s inhibit minor rust after removal and roof cleaning.

Roof Cleaning Bradenton FLroof cleaning bradenton

Monier Life Tile roof cleaning completed by our professional crew. Some of these tiles were completely covered with roof algae. The roof has not been cleaned since the home was built six years ago. The Peerless Punch solution restored the original colors.

Peerless Punch Cleaning Solution Application

The Peerless Punch roof cleaning solution has been approved by a major roofing material manufacturer. Our solution was tested by the manufacturers of the materials used for the Van Wezel Performing Arts Roof Cleaning Historical Building. The solution is applied using custom to our specifications pumps. Our pumps are designed just for roof cleaning Bradenton type systems. We utilize our high performance pumps and hoses to keep us off of your delicate tiles. A Peerless roof cleaner can reduce the amount of walking upon your tiles by as much as 80%, in some case ZERO walking at all.roof cleaners bradenton

How Does Our System Work?

Your roof is infected with a cyanobacteria named Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae spreads by spores and seeks the crushed limestone used during the manufacturing of the tiles. Usually you will first see the mold on the north side of your home or where the most moisture is allowed to thrive.

The algae must be killed 100% to achieve the longest lasting cleaning. Pressure washing your Bradenton roof will only temporarily remove the stains you can see. The spores will be spread during the high pressure blasting and the algae will return thicker and very quickly. Typically a roof cleaned with our system lasts 2 to 4 times longer than pressure washing. That reduces the traffic and risks on your tiles dramatically. The Peerless Punch is applied and left on your tiles, breaking down to a preventative film against algae spores.

Will My Plants and Grass Be Harmed?roof cleaning bradenton fl

With proper preventative measures the answer is no. The solution is designed to kill a type of plant living on your Bradenton roof. Just like how painters prepare and cover for over-spray, Peerless Pressure Washing Inc. will  take preventative measures to protect your plants. Our crew consists of one solution applicator and a dedicated ground-man protecting your plants. Our owner Tom Peerless is on every job also over-seeing the roof cleaning with over 10 years experience cleaning over 18,000 roofs.

Keeping Your Clean Roof Clean

All of our roof cleaning Bradenton customers receive a 1 year spot free warranty. There is no pro – rated fine print with roof cleaners bradenton flmaintenance cleanings that come with 5 year warranties. Peerless roof cleaners do however offer a lifetime maintenance program to keep your clean roof clean.  Once you have had your first major cleaning with us, we then can offer you a reduced price maintenance cleaning.

Pressure Washing  a Tampa Brick Home

This project was completed this week by Peerless Pressure Washing. All of the bricks on the property had calcite and rust stainspressure washing tampa that had to be removed. We used a combination of chemicals to remove the stains and brighten the bricks.


Pressure Washing Tampa Calcite Stains and Rust Removal

In preparation for the chemicals used to remove the stains, all of the surrounding grass and vegetation must be watered in. Once all of the surrounding areas are prepared, we begin to apply the stain removing chemicals. Pressure washing brick is not what it seems. You never want to use high pressure to remove the stains. This willtampa-pressure-washing further compound the problem with efflorescence.

Calcite stains must be removed with muriatic acid. A solution of 1 gallon water to 1 gallon acid is applied to the bricks using a chemical pump. Once the acid is applied, you will notice the reaction taking place. Before rinsing, a stiff bristled brush is lightly ran across the thicker heavier stains. This step may or may not have to be repeated depending upon the severity of the calcite buildup.

The bricks are then pressure washed with very low pressure. A 2520 tip was utilized to rinse the acid. This is a high flow tip designed for rinsing. Never use high pressure washing for brick cleaning.pressure washing tampa fl

Restoring the Bricks Color with Hydrofluoric Acid

Once you have cleaned the bricks of the calcite stains, it is time to remove any rust stains. You can also brighten the bricks at this time killing two birds with one stone. HF or hydrofluoric acid is just what the doctor ordered for this step. The HF will remove the rust stains and also brightens the bricks at the same time. This acid does not need to be brushed. Our crew applied the acid with our down stream injection system on our pressure washer. With the raw chemicals we purchased and a little math this gave us the correct ratio needed.

Pressure Washing with Acids – Think Safety

Whenever using acids with pressure washing you must take these steps at the minimum. First always wear eye protection when using any chemicals while pressure washing Tampa homes.  Black nitrile gloves were utilized whenever handling any tools used during the application and during the application of chemicals. If a chemical suite is not available make sure all areas of the body are covered. All clothing used are to be removed at the job site and placed in plastic garbage bags, including boots. pressure washers tampa fl

peerless pressure washing tampatampa pressure washers

Condo Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms FL 33613

Welcome to Peerless Roof Cleaning, please enjoy this article pertaining to tile roof cleaning in Tampa Palms.roof cleaners tampa palms

Our professional service was hired to clean and restore these 11 condominiums. The roofs were absolutely covered with black roof algae. Our system, The Peerless Process utilizes a chemical application that is as gentle as rain and with minimal walking upon the roofing tiles.

Before the application of our detergent Peerless Punch, we must make sure there is no sediment or debris on the roof. The entire roof is blown free of debris and a ‘prep’ solution is utilized to rinse away sediment. If this step is skipped, the roof cleaning solution will battle the debris and sediment before it ever makes it to the algae. This will cause some of the spores to be left behind causing premature reinfection.

A Thorough Tile Roof Cleaning

All of the tiles are sprayed, and touch ups are applied as needed. The north areas of the condominiums always had a thicker roof cleaners tampa palmsgrowth of algae. This would require us to re apply our solution with a ‘promise’ coat. Our Tampa Palms roof cleaners call this the ‘promise’ coat to ensure the roof meets the life of the warranty. In this specific application, a 3 year warranty was issued as our company was the last company to clean the roofs. We know how long your roof will last when a Peerless Roof Cleaner Tampa Palms comes and cleans your roof. These roofs were cleaned 5 years prior.

Peerless Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor PA2902. Our process is systematized and is as gentle as rain on your delicate roofing surfaces. We have safely cleaned over 33,000 roofs in the Tampa Metro Areas over 12 years. We are the areas premier tile roof cleaning company focusing on customer roofs tampa palms

House Painting a Ceder Wood Home in Valrico FLhouse painters valrico 33596

This house painting was completed before the holidays by our crew. The home is built with ceder wood planks. Peerless House Painters Valrico, utilized Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Stain to coat the house.

The entire home was sprayed and back-brushed. Yes that is correct, back-brushed. A whiz roller was used on many portions of the home also.

The ceder planks were very dirty and required a thorough cleaning. In this next picture you can see the difference with this header board that is in the process of staining.

House Painting Valrico Pictures

The back porch area came out great, here are some more pictures of this project. valrico painting company

Our crew sprayed 19 gallons of material. Many of the areas would absorb the stain and would require several coats to ensure an even coating.

Painting ceder can be a challenge due to woods exposure

house painters 33596

to the sun and elements. The wood absorbs the moisture and mold starts to take root. During the cleaning, the areas that had more sun exposure and mold required much more stain to ‘fill in’ the ceder planks.

Peerless House Painting Valrico 33596 provides a detailed written estimate to all of our customers. The estimate will describe the paints used and process. All of our house painting projects come with a five year warranty.

Roof Cleaning Sarasota County

roof cleaning sarasotaSee how dull and dirty this roof looks? The stuff on your roof is actually a living and growing Cyanobacteria. Just like any other kind of pest, you must kill this algae down to the root.

Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota County knows how to rid your shingle or tile of this ugly pest safely. Our system utilizes tools to minimize walking on your shingles or tiles using a manufacturers approved cleaning solution.

This tile roofed home was recently purchased and the homeowner hired Peerless to clean and paint the entire home.


Same Day Results Plus a One Year Spot Free Warranty

roof cleaning sarasota flIf Peerless didn’t clean it, then you most likely will be tackling the same problem in six months. Here is why:

  • Peerless Punch High Performance Roof Cleaning Solution provides year round protection
  • Utilizes the best custom made pumps in the industry; we can spray as high as 40 feet so there are no areas we can not spray
  • Over ten years cleaning roofs in Sarasota County
  • Awarded contract to clean Sarasota’s Historic Van Wezel ‘Purple Cow’ Performing Arts Center Roof
  • Three man crews
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractor

What Makes Peerless Roof Cleaning Sarasota Better Than The Rest?

Our process, the Peerless Process is a highly refined roof cleaning system designed to achieve a 100% spore kill rate. This means there will be no pesky spores left on your roof when we leave. Our solution is emulsified making it thick. This allows our roof cleaners to spray the tiles thoroughly without the fear of the solution running down on to the plants and grass. More often than not, roof cleaners will utilize pure swimming pool chlorine to spray your roof. While this solution is effective, the solution is too ‘wet’, causing most of it to run down off the roof top on to the plants and grass.

Peerless Roof Cleaning is a licensed contractor, meaning we have been back-ground checked and tested in our field. There are no laws or licenses governing roof cleaning besides an occupational, so do not allow an unlicensed company to clean your roof.